The International Committee for the Red Cross is the renowned global humanitarian non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland with a gross value of CHF 218.2 Million (US$ 225.95M) as of 2018. For more than 150 years now, the ICRC has championed humanitarian principles and has led the global response to emergencies and situations where the safety and welfare of human lives are at stake. Even as a private organization, it has influenced numerous governments to adapt universally accepted humanitarian principles in their respective national legislations.


Number of Staff Hired with C9 Digital:
2 (two) Multi-lingual Digital Ads Specialists

Bringing 150-Year Old Initiatives To The Digital Age Through Modern Marketing Methods – All For The Ageless Cause Of Promoting Humanitarianism


Since its establishment in 1863, the ICRC has lived up to its mandate of providing relief during calamities and disasters, as well as protecting victims of international and internal armed conflicts around the world. The organization actively provides physical, emotional, and psychological support for victims that include war-wounded prisoners, refugees, civilians, and other non-combatants.

ICRC tapped C9 Digital in its undertaking to embrace the digital age by transitioning from its century-old traditional marketing methods into state-of-the-art digital marketing campaigns and initiatives to bridge the gap between their timeless humanitarian causeand initiatives and the modern generation.


C9 Digital wasted no time in studying and evaluating all information provided by ICRC. All things considered, C9 Digital identified the need for a Social Media Ad Specialist and Google Search Advertiser. If hired locally, such service can cost ICRC almost US$ 6,000 in payroll cost each month. C9 Digital, however, was able to provide an expert Digital Marketing Specialist to ICRC at a far lower cost but with high-quality results.


C9 Digital went above and beyond in realizing ICRC’s humanitarian thrusts by hiring a top-caliber search engine and social media marketing expert at a very affordable rate resulting in payroll savings of up to US$ 4,000 every month.
The digital marketing specialist hired by C9 Digital for ICRC was carefully selected through a rigorous recruitment process and successfully embodied the ideals of ICRC in its foray into the digital age.


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