Founded in 1883, Vorwerk is an international diversified corporate group based in Wuppertal, Germany. Its primary business is the direct distribution of various products like household appliances, fitted kitchens, and cosmetics.


Number of Staff Hired with C9 Digital:
2 (two) Mid-level Graphic Designers

Ushering in a € 3-billion European manufacturing giant into the digital and online market environment


Vorwerk is currently recognized as one of Europe’s big-name brands with one of the largest international sales network numbering approximately 546,000 sales agents under its its US-based subsidiary, JAFRA Cosmetics. Much of its revenues are attributed to direct sales through traditional methods of deploying teams in the global market.

A large part of Vorwerk’s success lies in its consolidated group that encompasses over 27 companies worldwide, which are divided into eight main fields of business. Faced with the challenge of the rapidly-evolving global market, Vorwerk needed to take advantage of emerging market forces, not only to promote its brand to the online environment, but also to bridge the gap to generate more revenue streams with the online global consumer market.

Vorwerk’s corporate Head of Marketing enlisted C9 Digital to take on the challenge of ushering in the company into the digital and online market environment, taking into account reduced costs and ensure optimal returns on investment.

The primary objective for C9 Digital was to provide a digital marketing strategy for Vorwerk and hire the ideal digital marketing experts that will implement and manage the campaign.


C9 Digital conducted an extensive study and analysis of Vorwerk’s business model to create a comprehensive and complete digital marketing strategic roadmap. It came up with an in-depth digital marketing program that incorporated actions to boost corporate branding, social media design and marketing, graphic designs, corporate imaging, content marketing, and paid advertising initiatives, among others.

C9 Digital began its proprietary end-to-end sourcing, recruitment, and hiring activities, with a complete background check of all potential digital marketing specialists. It came up with hiring two of the best-qualified mid-level graphic designers who specialized in all required areas for the customized digital marketing campaign for Vorwerk.

To add value to the partnership, C9 Digital offered a comprehensive digital marketing strategy from marketing conceptualization to implementation, which is then checked, monitored, and audited by a dedicated management team supervising the graphic designers.

C9 Digital also developed communication, performance management, and audit protocols to ensure the seamless and collaborative partnership dynamics for its digital marketing role with Vorwerk.


C9 Digital deployed the graphic designers for Vorwerk spending no more than $3,994 (€ 3,698) per month for both professional designers, compared to similar Europe-based talents which could cost more than € 10,000 (US$ 10,801) – with guaranteed savings of no less than 60% in payroll costs.
C9 Digital was able to establish Vorwerk’s footprint in the global market, as well as further strengthening the brand in the digital
and online environment.


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