The World’s Top 25 Chatbot Platforms

The chatbot industry is becoming more and more popular. Powerful brands and companies that embraced the technology are creating delightful customer experiences, new customer relationships, and even boosting their sales.

If you’re thinking of creating a chatbot for your company, it’s not as complicated as you’d think! There are platforms you can use, free or paid, focused on distinct channels or universal. Some platforms don’t require coding knowledge, while others provide developers with a sweet challenge.

We have the information on the top 25 platforms for chatbots so you can easily choose the right fit for your business.

Let’s start with the platforms anyone can use, without any technical knowledge.




Chatfuel is the leading chatbot platform for creating artificial intelligence bots for support, sales, and marketing on Facebook.

Using Chatfuel you can launch your very own chatbot in just a few minutes, without any programming skills. The platform’s simplicity enables anyone to build their bot.

Famous brands like Volkswagen, MTV, Adidas, Forbes, and BuzzFeed use Chatfuel in their Facebook marketing strategies through bots. If you too want to give it a try, you can use the platform entirely for free with less than 5k users – exceeding this limit means that you should get a paid account and that is totally worth it.




This platform is easy to use and customize and can be integrated with Facebook, Slack, and Shopify. If you can create a decision tree (an algorithm based on questions and answers) for your business, you can also create a bot using MobileMonkey.

The platform’s simplicity makes is the ideal tool for marketers and small business entrepreneurs and a suitable chatbot support platform for customers. Test, deploy and measure your chatbot success while converting leads into customers through your automated processes.

MobileMonkey is 100% free to get started and see if it does the job for your own business.




Using the Botsify platform you can create your website chatbot in only 5 minutes. Their easy drag-and-drop creator can easily help you design your bot, while the analytics integration provides the insights you need to run your business like a pro.

The cool Human Takeover feature you can use on Botsify makes it easy for human agents to take over the chat when needed.

The first chatbot is free to create and with a paid account you can develop more.

The chatbot platform, which was acquired by Hubspot, helps businesses build complex chatbots without the need for a single line of code.

Build, train and set up your chatbot on Facebook, Slack, Webchat, or your own website. is providing a process as fun and painless as possible so that anyone can build their own chatbot.

The platforms especially stands out from the crowd because it hand-holds you throughout the entire process and aspect of building your own bot, also helping you with the chatbot deployment across platforms like Facebook, Slack, or on your website.

The platform was developed to handle a wide range of great and powerful use cases such as customer service, re-engagement, post-sales engagement, conversational commerce, and pre-sales inquiries.

It allows you to easily build conversational and service flows without having to write any code at all. It also supports a wide range of messaging channels where people can get in touch with your services, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twitter, Intercom, Kik, Smooch, Telegram, and Twilio.

The creation of a bot in means going through a three-step process: create or choose a template, set triggers, deploy on a messaging channel. It’s that easy! helps you build your bot in under 5 minutes with no coding required.

You also have the option to choose from over 20 pre-built chatbots the platform has a set-up with everything you need from intent, triggers, entities and a conversational flow. It’s easy to use and the platform is a learning machine which gets better with every interaction it has with your customers.

From inside the bot builder, you can create your chatbots using all types of rich content, such as buttons, carousels, videos, photos, and GIF images.

The best part? If you don’t have time to build a bot yourself, has its own experts ready to help you out anytime.

The platform allows you to create your very own bot and easily teach it language so it can understand your customers. You build the conversation, connect the bot to the channel your aiming for, such as Skype, Facebook, Slack, twitter, Line, Kik, etc., run it live and monitor its use and results.

You can create flows that adapt to all kinds of customer support situations without having to go through a painful process. Building your bot with and connecting triggers and actions is like stacking Legos – the pieces will complement each other to make your bot a success.

Master human conversations and create outstanding experiences for your customers with the help of the platform.




Botkit is the platform where you can develop chatbots, apps and any custom integrations for the major messaging platforms, such as Facebook, Skype, Slack, Microsoft, Twilio, and other.

The Botkit platform is a flexible tool where you can create conversational software, build apps that can respond to people and that can perform automated tasks for them.

The advantage it has is that you can build truly intelligent apps that can copy the way humans speak.




Bottr offers you the simplest solution to create your own chatbot that can work in many cases. For example, you can create a bot to help you with customer support, driving sales, lead generation, influencers, FAQs, online marketing, and just about anything.

You can provide your customers and visitors a truly engaging experience by combining rich content with conversation skills into your bot and deploying it on your own website.

Creating your Bottr chatbot is super easy, with zero coding required.

The code-free interface that provides, along with the drag-and-drop editor, makes things easy when creating your own bot.

You can use the platform to create your bot and use it in many different industries, such as insurance, food and beverage, travel and hospitality, consumer electronics and other. It’s the perfect tool for SMBs – Small and Midsize Businesses.

Major companies like Starbucks, Hilton, and Nike are actively using this platform to develop their successful bots. is an easy platform to work on. Once you access it, you can start building effective conversational flows by using the chatbot builder or simply choosing one of the pre-built templates. When your bot is done, you can turn your website into a chatbot.

What makes the platform great is that you can freely play with the designs you’re creating because it provides unlimited combinations of colors, backgrounds, fonts, logos and more.

Among those who use the platform, the most important companies are Uber and LG.




Their mission is to make chatbots accessible to more people and enterprises that want to adopt bot strategies.

Using the SnatchBot platform you can create a bot that communicates and performs tasks in a simple conversational matter through different channels, such as Facebook, Skype, Slack, Line, or even on your website.

You can design, test and deploy high-quality bots without having to develop their infrastructure. The platform provides free support as well, so you’re in good hands whether you’re just starting to build your bot, or trying to understand the way bots work.




The ManyChat platform has a very clean, modern, easy-to-understand user interface. To build a chatbot, you can choose one of 2 ways to work with the chat builder: using the basic builder, or their flow builder.

At any step of configuring your bot, you can stop and preview your flow directly into your own Facebook page with the built-in bot tester the platform provides.

You can use the bot to send either broadcasts, campaigns, or quick replies into your customers’ Facebook Messages and also duplicate conversation flows from one bot to another.


QnA Maker

The Microsoft powered QnA Maker platform helps you transform your content, such as frequently asked questions (FAQ), documents, product manuals, and different URLs into a question and answer service.

Using the graphical user interface, you can easily build, train and manage your bots without any developer experience.




These are the top platforms you can use to build your bot without any coding knowledge. Now, let’s take a look at the ones that are more for the brainiacs working with codes and programming.

This Facebook messenger bot can create custom automation flows for more effective marketing strategies and campaigns. It can help you recover abandoned carts, track your revenue and customer behavior, automatically answer customer questions, and more.

Important brands like Pearl Paradise, Maroon5, GoPro, Kiehl’s, and Warner Music Group are using this platform to create messenger flows and interactions for their businesses.



IBM Watson

In a 2017 Chatbot Survey Report, the platform was named the most popular chatbot framework, being used by no less than 61% different businesses.

Its simple and easy-to-use interface lets you quickly build your bot and connect it to multiple social and messaging channels including Facebook, Twilio and Slack.

The feature that makes the IBM Watson platform so great is that, based on frequently asked questions that don’t get answers, it tells you what other flows need to be added to your bot.




Pandora lets you create intelligent conversational chatbot agents for different use cases, such as customer service, marketing, voice interfaces, business to consumer (B2C) messaging, and even entertaining.

Build your agent and reach your target audience on the channel they spend their time, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype, Slack, Line, Twitter, etc., using a personalized two-way communication flow.

Use content, actions, entities, intents and National Language Processing to develop and deploy your own chatbot with The platform makes it easy for developers to create apps and devices that you can talk or text to. With every interaction, chatbots learn human language.

What makes the platform great is that it’s 100% free and available in 50 languages.




Brands like Oracle, LiveChat, Yalo, Zendesk, Lithium, and Genesys are using the Smooch platform to connect their business to their customers’ preferred messaging platforms and offer them an improved customer experience.

With the help of this platform, you can reach customers wherever they are, improve your ability to quickly address their needs and reduce maintenance costs.



Microsoft Bot Framework

Use Microsoft Bot Framework to build, deploy, and manage an intelligent bot on your website, an app, Cortana, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Developers can deploy their bot in seconds using the pre-built templates for different customer scenarios, including basic, form, question and answer, language understanding, and proactive bots.

The platform also supports automatic translations for more than 30 languages.



Flow XO

Use this platform that has more than 100 built-in modules and integrations as a new way for customers to interact with your business. You can quickly set-up and launch your own bot using the predefined templates that Flow XO offers.

The human take-over feature it provides creates a great opportunity for a human agent to take over a flow conversation whenever it’s needed.



Semantic Machines

This language independent platform recently agreed to be acquired by Microsoft, and it continues to provide a great way to create your own conversational Artificial intelligence bot.

Their features include speech recognition, deep learning, reinforcement learning, speech synthesis, conversation engine, semantic intent extraction, and language generated technology.




Gupshup is recognized as the most advanced bot and messaging platform. It helps developers to easily and quickly create, test and launch chatbots on different, if not all messaging channels. The platform is trusted by huge brands such as Facebook, Vogue, LinkedIn, eBay, McDonald’s, and Twitter and it supports 23 channels, among these being Skype, Viber, Clack, WeChat, and HipChat.




The platform is a bit limited, being available only in English, Spanish, and Portuguese because it was developed for Latin America. The platform’s chatbots are using proprietary language processing technology.

AgentBot integrates with third-party apps, human chat, and ay CRM.




Design, develop and train your own chatbots using professional pre-designed templates and launch your chatbot on multiple channels simultaneously. The platform offers multiple integrations and also helps you monitor and track your bot’s capabilities.

Even though you’re a developer, with Botstar you can put that in second place and focus more on your audience, their specific needs, and master conversations while continuously improving your chatbots.



Now, with all this information on the best programming and programming-free chatbot platforms, you probably feel that there is too much to handle. You shouldn’t worry. Using the right approach can quickly make you decide on the winning platform for your business.

What you need to do is:

  • Identify your needs and capabilities
    • What are the values your business needs from your chatbot platform?
    • Can you resolve the platform’s technical demands to successfully use it?
    • Where do you want to deploy your chatbot?
    • What integrations will you need?


  • Determine your budget and desired ROI
    • This will help you eliminate the platforms that are out of your budget and don’t meet your desired ROI
    • Do you have the technical understanding that’s necessary to drive the value you need from the platform or do you need to partner with a chatbot agency?
    • Are chatbot programming platforms more expensive than the ones that use drag and drop editors or pre-built templates?


  • Make lists of pros and cons for your options
    • Follow these primary routes and do pros and cons lists for Visual-aided platforms;
    • Do-it-yourself standard platforms;
    • Chatbot agencies


In the end, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses in what chatbots are concerned. You just need to do your research, evaluate every pro and con statement and make a choice.

If you, by any chance, make the wrong choice, you can change gears once you figure it out, so don’t put too much unneeded pressure on yourself.



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