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Phillip Lew

Founder & CEO of C9
      One of the most important reasons why I started C9 Staff is because I strongly believe in being passionate about everything that you do. This is why companies around the world seek us out for outsourcing because they can feel and see our passion and enthusiasm for what we do. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA, and lived in the Philippines between 2015 and 2019. C9 stands for Cloud 9, and for me it represents the possibilities anyone can achieve when they experience an elevated and emotionally empowered state of mind.
      We strive to push the boundaries with our clients and help them realize potentials that perhaps they have never considered or seen before. This approach gives our team a deeper purpose and meaning, and often results in more impressive outcomes and points of differentiation for our clients. In addition to running C9 Staff, I also host a popular podcast series entitled Innovators, which I am deeply passionate about, as well. Our mission there is to help empower our listeners by clarifying confusing and sticky areas of business that often hold people back from achieving their highest aims and desires. The experience is immersive with segments designed for quick bursts of motivation, to highly-detailed educational and energizing segments on your favorite and varied topics about business and life.
      I graduated from Boston University’s undergraduate School of Management with a BSBA in 2009. From there, I decided to travel the world as an author, motivational speaker, and remote workforce entrepreneur. This choice in lifestyle has allowed me to see the world while passionately building a company that I am truly proud of.
      I also had the unique privilege to be the Global Head of Corporate Expansion at Propel RC- a multinational drone and robotics technology corporation where I was responsible for setting up the customer care departments, warehouse and supply chain systems, and distribution contracts across Europe, Asia Pacific, & South-East Asia.
      I strongly believe in what sets us apart at C9 Staff is our competency and creativity. We aim to execute with excellence and passion, while looking forward to fun and engaging opportunities with our clients and partners around the world.


Warm Regards,

Phillip Lew

CEO of C9 Staff


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