Scale Your Agency Without Breaking the Bank

Discover how to hire qualified and passionate remote professionals for your agency from around the world and save up to 70% in payroll costs.

7 Step System for your agency's success
Phillip A. Lew

“We’ve helped digital agencies scale and grow up to 300% year-over-year with payroll and overhead savings of over $1,000,000 monthly.”


C9 Staff 7 Step System For Your Agency Success

Find out how you can take your digital marketing agency to the next level by using the exact methodology we use to help our clients go global.

Step 1:
Evaluate Your Agency’s Needs

Find out exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your present team and augment it with remote professionals.

Step 2:
Recruit Globally

Find and hire the best agency professionals across 35 top international talent markets.

Step 3:
The Hiring Process

Adapt the best hiring practices of the world’s top companies employing hybrid workforces in order to develop your own bulletproof hiring process.

Step 4:
Streamline Workflows and Processes

Leverage the power of modern technologies to make real-time collaboration a breeze even between team members living on opposite sides of the world.

Step 5:
Remote Staff Management Best Practices

Adapt the best practices from the top companies in the world employing remote staff.

Step 6:
Scale Your Agency and Expand Your Services

Learn how to expand your agency’s service capabilities while keeping costs down through levearging global remote staff professionals.

Step 7:
Get Started

Learn more about C9 staff’s end-to-end managed services and how we can help you achieve expotential growth during the 21st century using this exact methodology.

Our entire business model is condensed into this comprehensive roadmap.

We laid out in full detail everything you need to know to take advantage of the future of work.

We held nothing back.

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Achieve Exponential Growth for Your Digital Agency with the C9 Staff Methodology


Expand Your Workforce

Don’t be limited by who’s available locally. Explore the unlimited possibilities of staffing globally.


Scale Your Operations

Once you unlock the power of a globally distributed workforce, you can start taking in more clients and more projects.

Diversify your services

Diversify Your Services

Access to a global talent pool allows you to start offering specialized services you previously cannot touch because acquiring manpower for them is too expensive.

Reduce company's overhead cost

Reduce Your Agency’s Overhead

Hire competent agency professionals at scale and with costs that are often up to 70% less than what you’d ordinarily pay.

Start Leveraging the Power of a Globally Distributed Talent Pool Now!

7 Step System for your agency's success


C9 Staff is a boutique remote staffing solutions provider with deep talent penetration across 35 top international talent markets and a client base that includes top tier digital marketing agencies, software development companies, eCommerce sites, professional services firms, and contact centers in the US, Canada, the UK, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

C9 Staff is trusted by clients around the world to deploy the absolute best-in-class talent across the most in-demand industries including:

  • Design & Digital Marketing
  • Contact Center
  • Information Technology
  • Admin & Back Office
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • And more!

Our End-to-End Managed Services:

End-to-end Managed Services Chart



Having access to a credible and quality talent pool in an emerging market can be difficult and expensive. We give you access to our proprietary C9 Staff Talent Network representing the top percentile of talent in the world today.



Recruitment is an expensive and time-consuming process. We solve this for you by taking on the role of facilitating your staffing requirements and recruiting top candidates for immediate hiring or final screening by your team



We conduct detailed interviews where we evaluate candidate resumes, portfolios, English language skills, internet connectivity, video and audio call clarity, punctuality and more to ensure you`re only dealing with the absolute best candidates.


Background Checks

We provide background checks on candidates. This includes verification of their resumes, portfolios and conversations with previous employers.



We communicate job offer letters to your hired staff. We ensure staff work in your local organization’s timezone and a clear understanding of their job description and expectations surrounding employment.


Payroll and Contracts

We handle payroll and provide your staff legal contracts that provide you valuable protections such as non-complete agreements, non-disclosure of communications, confidentiality and immunity.


Flexible Infrastructure

If needed we can provide your staff a physical office. These facilities include fiber optic internet with backup redundancy, high performance computer systems, backup power generators and 24/7 IT support services.


Dedicated Account Strategist

Every client is assigned a dedicated account strategist who provides your team leadership, management, supervision, and reporting. This ensures a truly plug-and-play global staffing experience.


Unlimited Staff Scaling

If you’re interested in scaling your teams with us, our account strategist will provide the process standardization, quality consistency and leadership to ensure that your team succeeds whether your team size is 1 or 500 members.


Unlimited Candidate Replacement

Not happy with one of your staff members? Have no fear. As a standard feature our service, we provide unlimited replacements on any professionals failing to meet your expectations until you are completely satisfied.


Risk Free Billing and Contracts

Upon signing a contract with us your first payment won’t begin until 30 days after your staff starts working for you. We provide complete transparency to reduce your risk and make it easy for you to get started with your team.

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