5 Incredible Benefits of Outsourcing PPC Offshore

The internet is a noisy place.

Businesses want to separate themselves from that noise and their online competition. Employing the best digital marketing strategies gives businesses a necessary competitive edge.

More businesses are beginning to consider outsourcing their marketing activities. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is one of those activities. Businesses new to online advertising sometimes lack one or more of the following:

  • An in-house advertising team
  • Enough manpower to oversee a PPC campaign
  • Funds for expensive database and software systems

Before business owners decide to outsource PPC, they first have to understand it.

What is PPC Management?

The decision to outsource PPC management means the business is hiring a separate company to handle its PPC ad spending for them.

Pay-per-click campaigns are straightforward. Companies want customers to click on their ads, go to their landing pages, and complete conversions. A PPC management team helps to get the company’s ads on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) by bidding on high-value search keywords that will get these ads front and center.

PPC management is, however, incredibly time-consuming. It involves a variety of related responsibilities, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Keyword analysis. This entails looking at related search queries and finding common target words.
  • Budgeting. Increasing or decreasing bids and calculating overall return on investment (ROI) requires a high level of skill and analysis.
  • Competitive analysis. Competing directly for keywords or targeting a competitive gap is a necessary part of getting ads to rank.
  • A/B testing. This form of split testing is best for optimizing ROI.

With so many factors to consider when managing PPC, it can be beneficial to outsource the role to a trained professional.

Why You Should Outsource PPC

Running a PPC campaign requires resources that businesses sometimes lack (funding, time, knowledge, experience, staffing). Perhaps the two most important reasons to outsource PPC are budgeting and time management.

There are several financial considerations. The first is that outsourcing PPC is not cheap. PPC management costs may seem prohibitive. However, if PPC advertising is a prominent internal weakness, outsourcing may be the best option. The ROI is likely to be greater than depending on an in-house team that lacks the skills and experience.

A PPC management team will also have experience handling a budget for this type of campaign. Knowing the keywords on which to bid, how much, and when to increase or decrease bids are all part of the knowledge that an in-house hire may not have.

Time management is also a major consideration. A business’s regular employees have their own responsibilities geared toward the company’s success. Using one or more of them for PPC adds to their ever-growing task list. They may also have little to no PPC experience and skills. This places a strain on the company’s productive use of the hours in its workday.

Benefits of Outsourcing PPC

Deciding to outsource PPC pays off in the long term in many ways. Read on to learn the benefits of outsourcing PPC management.

Overall Cost

A business owner cannot simply add PPC management to an employee’s to-do list. The costs involved go beyond mere dollars and include the following:

  • Productivity of the workday
  • Initial cost of hiring a management team
  • Budgeting for the advertising campaign

In the long term, the company’s ROI for the campaign is likely to be better by having a specialized team dedicated to the task.


Outsourcing PPC will help a business to realize the flaws in their advertising methods. A PPC company’s expertise is hard to match. Their industry requires them to stay up-to-date on trends, changes, and techniques to increase awareness and conversions.

Tools & Resources

A PPC management team will have cutting-edge coding skills and experience in working with HTML and Javascript. They’re also able to view technology from the user’s standpoint. Changes and trends in browsers and different devices can affect the ease of the user-end experience. Lastly, they will also have experience with and access to all available advertising networks that an in-house hire may not.

Unique Perspectives

Companies also outsource PPC to learn from specialists’ unique approaches to digital advertising. Specialists have developed their skills in a variety of ways.

  • Thought Leadership. Communicating ideas to clients and team members is essential.
  • Adaptability. Specialists should bring a willingness to make changes for the good of a campaign.
  • Experimenting. Outsourced PPC teams are unafraid to try new things to get intended results.
  • Willingness to Learn. These teams are always researching to stay on the leading edge of the industry.

Specialists bring different eyes to the tracking of PPC results. They bring insight that an in-house team overlooked.

Fast & Reliable Results

Having PPC professionals on board means that the job is being done properly and quickly. In-house employees have additional responsibilities to cover while a dedicated PPC team is able to deliver faster reports and results.

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