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Job Overview:

We are looking for a PPC/SEO Senior Manager who has deep understanding of PPC and SEO principles, knows how to analyze PPC and SEO data across a variety of platforms, capable of developing and executing PPC and SEO strategy, and is able to handle multiple client projects at any given time.

The PPC/SEO Senior Manager will be responsible for developing PPC and SEO strategy, leading the team that will execute said strategy, act as the point person in analyzing results, recommend possible campaign adjustments, and providing updates, reports, analysis, and action plans for ongoing projects. He/she will also be working closely with the content development team in order to create optimized content for all active PPC and SEO campaigns.

This is a highly technical job with plenty of opportunities for growth within a fun, friendly, competitive yet supportive work environment.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Provide actionable data to the sales team to help them close new projects and clients
  • Regularly meet with current clients in order to provide them with an overview of PPC and SEO strategy and results
  • Take point on the implementation and execution of PPC and SEO strategies, as well as analyzing results, and making the necessary changes in order to achieve client goals
  • Develop, maintain, and grow strong relationships with clients
  • Work and coordinate with the writing team in creating optimized content for both PPC and SEO purposes
  • Provide feedback and/or necessary coaching to members of the PPC and SEO team
  • Work with assigned accounts on strategic operational needs such as educating, and training clients
  • Provide clients with updates, reports, analysis, and action plans for ongoing projects
  • Make sure all proposed and approved deliverables are met especially in terms of timeframe, scope and budget
  • Constantly monitor status of PPC and SEO projects and take all necessary actions to keep them running as smoothly and as efficiently as possible


  • At least 4 years of verifiable high-level SEO experience in a digital agency environment
  • At least 4 years of verifiable high-level PPC experience in a digital agency environment
  • Must be able to identify PPC and SEO trends and forecasts based on available analytics
  • eCommerce background is a plus but not necessary
  • Must have relevant Google Certifications
  • Must be extremely well-versed with SEMRUSH and/or other PPC and SEO tools
  • Must have strong communication skills. An ability to write relevant optimized content is a definite plus
  • Must have skills being a presenter and speaker
  • Ability to work within a team and independently
  • Strong organizational, time management, and analytical skills
  • Comfortable using and learning new skills and technologies
  • Ability to build rapport and collaborate with others within the company and externally.


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