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Since the rise of the internet and the onset of digital marketing, outsourcing has become a buzzword. Every year, more and more companies in Western Europe and North America are building teams made of employees who are locally and remotely based. But what exactly makes outsourcing such a great thing for your business, and why should you do it?

Access High-Level Workers and IT Infrastructure

At its very core, outsourcing gives you access to a wealth of talent that only the internet can provide. Most of the time, you would need to have a well-connected network of people who can refer you to the people who have the skills you need. With outsourcing, however, you can instantly contact outsourcing companies who already have a roster of people available and even connect with people from job boards with a few quick clicks.

Upgrading your company’s assets and workforce is also much easier to do with outsourcing. Technicians in remote support are always at the ready to help you onboard new employees and integrate new tools and technology into your company systems.

Cost-Effective and Impactful Hiring

In a way, you essentially can get more done at a fraction of the cost. It’s less expensive to manage a remote team and project as opposed to doing it locally because you can afford to hire a few remote staff members to do the job of one local employee.

If you would rather look at things in a more economic and humanitarian aspect, outsourcing is a way to provide employment for otherwise underemployed and undervalued individuals. Remote work often provides people with better opportunities that are rare for many people who work in offices.

They can skip the traffic of the commute and work comfortably from home (or anywhere). Moreover, remote employees will be earning in a currency with a higher valuation and learn skills in their trade at an international level.

Why Choose the Philippines

Many countries across Asia provide the bulk of digitally outsourced employment for companies across North America and Western Europe. Among these countries is the Philippines, with outsourcing being one of the most diverse emerging sectors in the country. From telemarketing to creative arts, many Filipinos are employed in outsourced work, as both regular employees and freelance workers.

While many company owners are under the impression that they can only outsource people based in Metro Manila, which may already be a saturated market, this is not the case. While it is true that many entry-level workers are concentrated in the city due to the central business districts, many experienced individuals are located across the country.

At C9 Digital, I learned from personal experience that when people with experience know their worth, they don’t need to be in Metro Manila to find work. They can choose to work from anywhere, knowing that they have the expertise to keep steady remote work. My company has always made it a point to maintain a national talent pool of high-performing individuals who can provide great work no matter where they are.

Find the Best IT Staff for Your Company

Outsourcing to the Philippines is an especially good idea if you’re looking to hire remote information technology (IT) staff in particular. Along with India, the Philippines has the government backing to support and accommodate an ever-growing IT industry.

This is mainly because many foreign corporations and business entities that outsource to the Philippines are given assistance and other incentives by PEZA, including member tax holidays and getting business permits faster. As a result, IT has become the fastest-growing sector in the Philippines.

Many students in senior high are already opting for IT-related tracks in preparation for their college education. There are several students taking up IT and CS courses in university as well.

Moreover, you generally have an easier time communicating with remote Filipino staff. Many Filipinos have a high proficiency in both written and spoken English and have relatively neutral accents. They also have an innate familiarity with Western culture. All these qualities can help make discussing complicated IT problems and solutions less of a headache on your part.

Leverage Your Work

Industries like digital marketing often require a lot of specializations and continuous work. Digital marketing firms often need experts in fields like content creation, UX, UI, and analytics to create and maintain different projects. Sometimes, there can be too much work to do and too little funding to hire more people.

Outsourcing the work can address both workload and budget constraints. Doing so can help improve things for your local team as it reduces overwork and the need to bring work home. Your company gets more collective capability from being able to hire more people for less.

The Philippines is a great place to do that because the timezones are usually 9-12 hours ahead of most Western timezones. This means that you can delegate the needed work for your outsourced employees to handle in real-time by making them work nightshifts. Alternately, you can let your outsourced staff work on the project when you’re out of the office for the night, which is daytime for Filipino employees.

With this arrangement, you can simply watch over operations with your local team and focus on gathering data and making improvements. You won’t have to worry too much about work piling up and not getting to finish it on time when you outsource it.

Keep Your Customers’ Information Is Safe

If your company specializes in storing and handling people’s private information, it can seem like a huge security risk to outsource work. While those fears are not unfounded, it helps to choose a country that has legal backing for information security. This is another reason why the Philippines is a great option.

The country has a strict and comprehensive privacy act that safeguards people’s information, which is the Data Privacy Act of 2012. It applies to both local and international businesses that use resources and technology in the Philippines for data processing. Additionally, it is equally important to outsource to a company that’s proactively in compliance with this rule. Doing so secures a better outsourcing partnership and ensures that your company’s private information is in safe and secure hands.

Get Started on Outsourcing Today

There are a number of other great reasons to outsource to the Philippines, and partnering with an exceptional outsourcing firm is an excellent way to maximize them. Get the guidance and assistance you need when you choose to work with C9 Digital. We specialize in digital marketing, artificial intelligence, and telemarketing.

To learn more about the services that we provide, feel free to browse our website or get in touch with us. We know the local market and can handpick the perfect people who will enhance and leverage your company’s growth.






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