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Blockchain is a way for computers to communicate and interact with each other using cryptography. It’s been around since the early days of Bitcoin but, in recent years, has come into mainstream use. Blockchain technology has many uses in business, from verifying product authenticity to tracking food supplies across long distances. Before you decide on whether or not your company needs to hire a blockchain developer, it’s important that you understand what they do and how much work will be involved.

This article will explore what a blockchain developer does and the benefits you can expect to gain from outsourcing this role.

What is a Blockchain Developer?

A blockchain developer is a person who creates and manages decentralized blockchain networks. These types of networks allow the safe and secure transmission and trade of data without third-party interference. Since blockchains are transparent and incorruptible, they provide an unparalleled level of security for those looking to store or transmit sensitive data. Developing these decentralized networks requires advanced programming knowledge, as well as expertise in cryptography and consensus algorithms (aka “mining”).

Due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., there is now increased demand for skilled professionals who can create their own blockchain technologies from scratch using distributed ledger technology (DLT). It goes without saying that this growing industry has made it much easier to hire blockchain development talent through trusted outsourcing companies.

Skills a Blockchain Developer Needs To Have

A blockchain developer can come from a variety of different backgrounds, including software development, information security, cryptography and finance. Below are the specific skills these professionals need to have to be successful:

  • Experience developing different computer languages (C++, C#/Visual Studio, Java)
  • An understanding of computer networking
  • Extensive knowledge of blockchain technology and how to incorporate it into pre-existing code
  • Experience working with relational databases, such as MySQL or SQL Server
  • In-depth knowledge of web development
  • Experience within the finance industry

Why Outsource a Blockchain Developer?

Outsourcing blockchain development brings many benefits to your company. We list the reasons why you should do it below.

1. Outsourcing a blockchain developer is a cost-effective solution to your hiring problem.

Going from company to company, interviewing potential employees, and attempting to hire each one can be daunting for some companies who lack HR resources. In addition, many of those skilled in developing new distributed ledger technology are already taken by other bigger firms with similar budgets. By outsourcing blockchain development, companies can hire an experienced developer for a fraction of the cost, and without all the hassle.

2. Outsourcing saves time.

Not only is it cheaper to outsource a blockchain developer, but it’s also much faster. By working with an established outsourcing company, you’ll be given a pre-vetted list of qualified developers to choose from. This means you’ll spend less time interviewing and more time developing your project.

3. You’ll have access to skilled professionals.

Due to the high demand for blockchain developers, finding a skilled in-house employee can be next to impossible. By outsourcing, companies have access to a global pool of talented professionals who are up-to-date on the latest blockchain trends and technologies.

4. Outsourcing provides increased flexibility and scalability.

Unlike in-house employees, outsourcing companies can provide blockchain developers on a project basis — meaning you only pay for the services you need. This also allows for increased flexibility when it comes to scaling your project up or down depending on your needs.

Outsourcing blockchain development is not only beneficial for companies looking to hire, but the outsourcing agency as well. Since this industry is still in its early stages, there’s a great deal of growing demand that needs to be met by professionals who are capable of creating new technologies from scratch.

By working with an established outsourcing company, you’ll have access to a team of developers who are skilled in blockchain development and other relevant technologies. This will help you stay ahead of the competition and keep up with the latest industry trends.

How Much Does It Cost To Outsource a Blockchain Developer?

The cost of outsourcing a blockchain developer varies depending on a number of factors, including location, experience, and the size and complexity of the project. However, on average, you can expect to pay around $25 to $50 per hour for blockchain development services.

When it comes to finding the right outsourcing partner for your project, it’s important to do your research. Make sure to read reviews and compare pricing before making a decision. With the help of a good outsourcing company, hiring a blockchain developer doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.

Tips To Outsource Blockchain Development To an Agency

Hiring the right blockchain developer depends on how you communicate your needs to the outsourcing agency. A good provider will also work closely with you to understand what your requirements are so they can connect you with the best candidate.

1. Clearly describe your requirements to the outsourcing agency you hire.

When hiring a blockchain developer, it’s important to have a clear set of requirements and specifications. If you aren’t specific with what you’re looking for in your project, there’s a chance that your expectations won’t be met. In addition, clarifying your requirements helps prevent miscommunications that can happen between clients and outsourcing companies.

2. Know what an outsourced blockchain developer will provide.

There are many different types of services offered by outsourcing companies — from graphic design and web development to coding and app development. When hiring a blockchain developer, make sure you clearly define which skills or expertise are needed for your project.

3. Be open to suggestions from your outsourcing company.

It’s important to hire a blockchain developer that you trust and can work well with. Since most outsourced employees are in a different location, it’s critical that both the client and outsourcing company feel comfortable communicating to form a productive working relationship. If you hire an overseas agency, set up a video conference so that you have the chance to meet your potential hire face-to-face before making any decisions.

Hiring the Right Blockchain Developer Through C9 Staff

Outsourcing your blockchain development project can offer you many benefits, including saving time and money while increasing flexibility. Whether you hire an in-house or outsourced blockchain developer, it’s important to have a clear set of requirements so that you hire the right person for the job.

If you’re interested in outsourcing your next blockchain developer, get in touch with us here at C9 Staff. For many years we’ve provided companies with talented developers who are skilled in various different technologies — everything from web to mobile apps. Call us and out how our expertise can benefit your business today!

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