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Outsourcing App Development: How to, Benefits & Tips

Consumers are spending billions of dollars on mobile apps, and this figure is set to increase for the foreseeable future. Despite the growing demand for exciting apps that consumers love to use, many businesses fail to invest in apps due to the perceived costs associated with their development. In reality, it’s more affordable to develop an app in this day and age than ever before, especially when it’s properly outsourced.

Curious about how to outsource mobile app development? Here’s how to outsource app development successfully, the benefits you’ll enjoy after doing so, and the common mistakes to avoid along the way.

What Is App Development?

Mobile app development generally refers to the process whereby developers design and implement an application that can be used on smartphones, tablets, and other portable digital devices that individuals carry with them every day. Apps have been designed in virtually every industry known to humankind; from ridesharing apps that are slowly replacing taxis to social media technology that’s relied upon by heads of state, there’s an app for everything.

The actual process of developing an app requires skilled workers who understand digital technology. Computer programmers who design app prototypes can vary widely in their skills, with some working for major tech companies and others producing apps in their free time for fun. There’s a two-pronged approach to app development; an app can be designed in-house, or outsourced to a third party. These days, most companies outsource iPhone app development because it’s a great way to cut back on the costs of developing an app.

When to Outsource App Development

Most entrepreneurs and corporate professionals should be willing to consider outsourcing whenever they lack internal team members who are capable of overseeing the development of an app from start to finish. Trying to develop an app using in-house talent is simply not an option for most businesses, especially as computer programmers often charge justifiably high rates.

If your business needs to lure in new customers, better serve existing clients, or optimize the productivity of its workforce, then you need to outsource mobile app development to professionals who can provide you with a custom solution to your problems. Even a majority of surveyed IT companies occasionally outsource software development to others, so recognize that even tech experts themselves often rely on outsourcing the development of apps.

It may be time to outsource app development if:

1. Customers are complaining

When customers tell you that your company needs an app, it’s time to outsource Android app development to the nearest expert. Your loyal clients simply won’t linger for long unless they can use modern technology to interact with your brand.

2. Employees are suffering

Many employees could be far more productive if they were equipped with the right digital tools for the job. Those who want to know how to outsource app development are often looking for a way to optimize internal productivity or scale their organization.

3. Competitors are pulling ahead

Finally, your company can’t afford to be left in the dust by tech-savvy peers. By outsourcing your mobile app development, you’ll maintain the competitive edge in an era when consumers are spending most of their time and money using apps on their phones.

It’s best to begin the outsourcing process after you’ve discovered a need for an app which you can’t provide internally. Next, envision a future where your company has the ideal app and imagine what features it may involve. After the developers are informed of your requirements and desires, they can get to work.

Benefits of Outsourcing App Development

There are many benefits to outsourcing mobile app development, some of which are purely financial while others are organizational and cultural. With the help of C9, you can derive all the benefits of outsourced app development without shouldering the costs of failure.

Unified Team

When all your employees use the same app to track workflow, your team is unified and more productive than ever. Apps enhance internal communication, allow employees to effortlessly collaborate, and permit the collection of useful data that can help guide future decision-making.

Huge Savings

A company that doesn’t outsource app development will have to pay huge fees to domestic computer programmers, most of whom will charge far higher rates than their international peers. Whenever your business outsources mobile app development, it saves valuable money that can be put to use elsewhere.

Modern Brand

No business can exist for long in the 21st century without some sort of digital presence. Your app, website, and social media presence will all come together to convince consumers that yours is the most modern of brands. Over time, this will translate to more revenue and bigger profit margins.

Tips on Outsourcing App Development

It’s important to find the right developer for the job when you outsource app development. Here’s how to avoid the bad apples while searching for your app developer:

1. Assess their work history

Begin by asking what other apps this developer has produced for previous clients. If this developer has a successful history of churning out apps that are similar to the one you need, they’re the perfect fit for the job. Developers with a dearth of experience are more affordable but will likely produce shoddier results.

2. Develop a timeline

It’s imperative that your app development is properly scheduled. Never outsource app development to a specialist who isn’t working closely with you to ensure the app is delivered on time. Having a project plan whenever you outsource iPhone app development is highly encouraged if you want to avoid going over budget.

3. Involve your team

If your app is being developed for the benefit of your internal team, involve them in the process. Solicit their feedback early on, and ask what features they’d like to see in the final product. Involve your own employees in the testing of any early prototypes to see if the initial iterations of your app are coming along nicely.

Develop Your App Quickly With C9

The right software developer can always be hired for an affordable price with the help of the experts at C9 Staff. With extensive international operations that span the globe, C9 is perfectly equipped to help you find the right developer regardless of your industry. Major corporations and local businesses alike can benefit from the expertise provided by C9’s outsourcing specialists.

Contact C9 today to begin successfully outsourcing app development. Before long, your business will have one of the most popular apps around to rely on as you grow.

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