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Outsourcing SEO: How to, Considerations, Benefits & Tips

As people increasingly rely on the internet to obtain information or make purchases, it’s almost impossible for any advertising and marketing strategy to be effective without search engine optimization (SEO). SEO not only significantly reduces ad spend, but it also brings in organic and authentic traffic that sustains in the long run. Outsourcing your SEO activities to a professional helps your business stay competitive in the digital age while giving you the time and extra resources to focus on revenue-generating opportunities.

This article talks about the benefits of outsourcing SEO and the key considerations before deciding to do so.

Ready to Outsource SEO? Freelancer vs. Agency

An SEO freelancer is a single professional who will take care of all aspects of your SEO needs, while a digital marketing agency will be composed of people who are experts in each of the areas of SEO. Your marketing budget will play a huge role in deciding whom to hire. A freelancer will obviously be cheaper, but the scope of work might be limited. On the other hand, a well-established agency will have all tools and specialists to handle your entire SEO strategy from the ground up — and for a longer time.

Benefits of Outsourcing SEO Services

SEO work is demanding, and it will require creating a highly detailed strategy to ensure your long-term success. With the amount of time and analysis required to set up a continuously solid SEO strategy, taking it in-house could limit your team’s ability to focus on profit creation. When you outsource to SEO service providers, you win back time and additional resources for your team. The other benefits of outsourcing SEO include:

1. Access to SEO expertise.

When you outsource SEO activities to professionals, you gain access to their extensive knowledge and systems. For your digital strategy to work, you need to be on top of Google updates and trends at all times. This is something you can guarantee if you have a dedicated third-party SEO partner whose only function is to ensure that your SEO runs smoothly.

2. High-quality work delivered fast.

Outsourcing your SEO work gives your in-house team more time to devote to revenue-generating activities. A reputable agency is equipped with all the skills and tools needed for an SEO strategy to succeed, and you can expect to see results within a few months’ time. If you take this function in-house, your team could take much longer because your resources are shared across the company.

3. Consistency.

Digital SEO agencies thrive on consistency and are committed to delivering steady results. Unlike working with an in-house SEO unit, a third-party provider will have no unscheduled breaks, times off, and downtime. They’ll provide consistent, high-quality results that match your intended schedule.

4. Detailed reports and analyses.

Part of the outsourced SEO team’s deliverables is comprehensive reports and performance analyses delivered at regular intervals, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly, depending on the contract. Their goal is to keep studying your data so that they can deliver the success you are looking for from your digital strategy.

5. Cost-efficiency.

Compared to hiring an SEO team in-house, outsourcing SEO is much cheaper overall. You no longer have to worry about payroll, benefits, training, tax concerns, and other operations and human resources concerns. You also don’t need to invest in equipment and software dedicated to SEO.

Should You Outsource SEO? 3 Questions to Ask

Is it time to outsource your SEO to an agency or contractor? Here are some questions you should ask.

1. Are you starting your digital marketing strategy from scratch? You probably need a fully-equipped third-party SEO service to get you started on the right foot. Even if your in-house team has some SEO knowledge, their skills might be better utilized for other growth opportunities instead.

2. How will it cost? Crunch some numbers. Will it cost more to operate an in-house SEO team, or would it make sense budget-wise if you outsource? Remember, though, just because a digital marketing agency is offering you a cheap package doesn’t mean you should hire it immediately. When it comes to SEO, experience and expertise are more important, and simply going for the lowest package could hurt your business more.

3. Are their company values aligned with yours? This is essential because you will be entrusting your business brand and identity to their team. You need to outsource SEO to a provider who will put your needs first and respect your identity.

Find a Trusted Outsourcing Partner In C9 Staff

When it comes to outsourcing SEO or any other aspect of your business, you need an agency that will not only serve as your service provider but also as your partner. C9 Staff understands how much you value your business and the importance of being positioned well in this increasingly digital environment. Whether you’re looking for new talent to save operating costs or drive growth, we can provide you with the best professionals from all over the world at rates that are within your budget.

We help organizations of all sizes find and manage highly skilled and dedicated staff across various industries, including digital marketing and design, information technology, financial services, contact center, education, healthcare, and professional services. Contact us today for a free consultation on outsourcing your SEO activities and more.

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