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Outsourcing Technical Support: How to, Benefits & Tips

Today’s market for outsourced technical support services is growing. Businesses large and small must have the dedicated technical support talent on board if they wish to remain on the cutting edge of competition. However, securing or developing that expertise can be expensive.

The decision to outsource technical support comes down to time and money. Small businesses may not be able to afford a team with the required level of expertise. It’s also expensive and time-consuming to recruit the right talent and familiarize them with your company.

Knowing a business’ specific Information Technology (IT) needs helps make this decision and may determine how quickly a product can get to market.

What Are Technical Support Services?

In today’s technological world, every business has a wide range of IT needs.

It was once commonplace for an IT team to help with phones, printers, and general system upgrades. Today’s office workers do much more troubleshooting, but there’s still a need for technical support services such as the following:

  • Regular system and network maintenance
  • Securing networks against hackers
  • Data security, backups
  • Network equipment, i.e., Wi-Fi and routers

Outsourced technical support services are able to cover this list and more to ensure all your technical needs are met.

When to Outsource Technical Support

Businesses outsource technical support based on many factors, such as the following:

High Demand

While having an increased amount of business growth is a primary goal for many businesses, it can also increase your workforce needs.

An outsourced agency can often cover routine tasks for a fraction of the cost. This allows businesses to increase efficiency by freeing up other key internal resources. Choosing to outsource technical support means that your team is able to focus on the high-priority elements of their job without having to tackle IT tasks as well.

Time Management

High demand may also force a company’s employees to assume expanded roles and add to their responsibilities. Routine tasks such as the ones listed above can multiply in a hurry. Allowing employees to focus on their necessary duties by outsourcing technical support will put company time and money to good use and increase employee morale. Employees who are able to work solely on their high-priority tasks tend to be more productive and enjoy their work more.


Outsourcing technical support services is a cost-efficient method with quite a few financial benefits:

  • Cost reduction of in-house benefits and training
  • Lessens taxes
  • Streamlined recruitment process

Outsourced technical support also reduces in-house problems that cost time and money, such as regulatory considerations and employee unions. Choosing to outsource technical support is a recommended decision for companies looking to increase budget management.

Benefits of Outsourcing Technical Support

Outsourcing technical support services not only increases better time management and helps a company with their budget. There are quite a few immediate benefits to outsourcing your IT department.

Qualified and Experienced Pros

It’s always in a business’s best interest to have a dedicated IT team. Business and online concerns will be addressed more efficiently. An outsourced team of IT experts with a professional knowledge base can handle important tech issues before they lead to major problems.

Business-First Focus

Using an outsourced agency to handle basic or complex technical functions reduces operational costs. It also frees up time and physical space since many IT service companies are already set up to work remotely. Necessary expenses for both hardware and software can be reduced or eliminated altogether. Payrolled employees have the opportunity to focus on their main responsibilities as opposed to being tasked with technical support issues.

Uninterrupted Service

The benefits of outsourced tech support also reach the customers. With experts focused solely on IT support, employees can dedicate more time to customers’ emails, phone calls, and chat inquiries. Customers can expect faster response times and more dedicated attention to their technical support issues.

Tips to Outsourcing Technical Support

There are a few steps that a business can take to ensure that it gets the most out of the decision to outsource technical support.

Identify Company Needs

A business should determine its specific IT needs before committing to an outside agency. It may only be necessary to outsource common IT functions and processes rather than the entire program to a dedicated team. A business can therefore pay only for what it needs.

Routine tech functions that companies outsource include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Infrastructure and hardware
  • Telecommunications
  • Software development

Once you’ve identified your needs, you’re able to narrow down the type of outsourced technical services you need to meet your company’s needs.

Create a Troubleshooting Manual

It’s important to remember that the outsourced IT help are not employees of the business. They will bring certain tech expertise but little experience with a company’s product, services, or systems. They’ll need some training before they can offer real support.

Providing a troubleshooting manual to the outsource team accomplishes this. It should present the system’s details, information about what tends to go wrong, and how it’s been handled up to that time. The manual should also include any specifications that the company prefers when dealing with clients.

Seek Credible Resources

It can sometimes be a struggle to find the necessary talent for a company’s specific need(s). There may be a shortage of programmers in the local talent pool. There also may not be a viable candidate in-house. Outsourcing IT may become the best option. A company will be able to access a wider talent pool that is more likely to have the qualifications for a company’s specific IT needs.

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