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10 Most Common Service Jobs to Outsource Abroad

The trend of outsourcing continues to grow as more companies discover the many outsourcing benefits. As this trend persists, so have the reasons that companies turn to outsource staffing solutions.

When considering what jobs can be outsourced, a company may consider the value they can preserve. This is especially true when looking at the cost of domestic outsourcing compared to offshoring open positions. For example, businesses can lower their fixed costs by hiring from countries with a lower cost of living—like outsourcing to the Philippines versus the United States.

Another factor that can drive a company to outsource is the desire for a competitive advantage. Let’s say you want to expand your business by hiring staff with unique skills. Outsourcing abroad allows you to utilize a global talent pool that was not previously available. You can expand your business while saving on payroll costs without sacrificing top-quality talent.

Keep reading to learn what makes a job easier to outsource, the most common jobs being outsourced and why.

What Jobs Can Be Outsourced Easily?

Once you’ve decided to outsource, the first step is to identify jobs that can be outsourced.

Understandably, not every role in your company can be outsourced. Keep reading to learn about three vital factors that determine what jobs can be outsourced.


Consider the training investment that will go into onboarding outsourced staff for this role. How much time must be spent to properly train for this role? A job that is easy to outsource should balance the time invested in training versus the cost savings of outsourcing.


Another consideration is the necessary skills a role requires. Can an outsourced team manage the role more efficiently than it would be in-house? Let’s say you want to outsource the management of your website. Rather than training your current employees in website administration, you can find an expert.


Lastly, it is ideal for the proposed outsourced role to be remote. Remote positions allow staff to work from anywhere, not just in the office. All that should be required is a reliable internet connection. Outsourcing allows you to hire the best experts in the world, not just professionals in your proximity.

Commonly Outsourced Service Jobs

Read on to discover common jobs being outsourced, the benefits of outsourcing each role and payroll savings.

Web Designer

A web designer is responsible for designing a website and testing the usability. By hiring a web designer, you can enhance your website’s appeal to customers. Because web design requires familiarity with HTML and CSS, outsourcing the role to an expert is beneficial.

Another benefit of web design jobs being outsourced abroad is payroll costs. The annual salary for hiring a US-based web designer is $45,636 on average. Conversely, the annual salary of an outsourced web designer with C9 Staff averages $23,964.

Customer Service Representative

Customer service roles answer customer questions and offer necessary product support. Most customer service representative jobs are outsourced when a company does not have in-house resources.

Outsourcing customer service representative roles allows a business to provide customer support without ignoring other business aspects. In addition, it enables companies to recoup expenses for other endeavors. A US-based representative’s annual salary is $32,016, while an outsourced employee’s salary is $17,964.

IT Support Representative

IT support representatives support company departments with technology needs. The area an IT support representative specializes in, such as network administration, depends on the technology a business uses.

The salary of a US-based IT support representative is $49,272, whereas an outsourced IT support role earns $23,964. The lower payroll costs of outsourcing IT support aids businesses looking to reduce the fixed costs of salaried employees.

Network Engineer

Network engineers create the foundation of a company’s network infrastructure. Network engineers also manage a company’s network functionality through routine maintenance.

A business can repurpose the hiring costs of a network engineer by outsourcing the role. A US-based network engineer makes an annual salary of $109,632. In comparison, an outsourced network engineer makes a salary of $59,964 on average.

HR Specialist

HR specialists are an important part of a business’ recruitment process. HR specialists identify employment needs and oversee various recruitment processes.

Outsourcing an HR specialist can streamline the recruitment process and reduce a business’ payroll costs. A US-based HR specialist earns $47,928 on average, while an outsourced HR specialist earns $23,964.

Financial Analyst

A financial analyst offers guidance to businesses making investment decisions. Financial analysts use their expertise on a specific industry and its trends to recommend relevant investment opportunities.

When seeking the expertise of a financial analyst, a business can lower its fixed costs by outsourcing. The annual salary of a US-based financial analyst is $77,280 on average. An outsourced financial analyst makes $35,964.

Data Entry Specialist

When a business digitizes its information, it will turn to data entry specialists for help. A data entry specialist takes information, typically written on paper, and enters it into digital storage.

A business can repurpose the cost of this digitization process by outsourcing a data entry specialist. A US-based data entry specialist makes $33,072 annually, whereas an outsourced data entry specialist earns $14,364.

Website Administrator

Also known as webmasters, a website administrator oversees aspects of a website’s content. Website administrator roles often require some knowledge of various CMS software such as WordPress.

When hiring a website administrator, a business can lower payroll costs by outsourcing the role. A US-based website administrator makes an average of $48,444. Conversely, an outsourced website administrator earns $23,964.

SEO Specialist

SEO specialists are invaluable additions to any company’s marketing efforts. Specialists create digital marketing campaigns to increase a website’s search engine rankings.

On average, US-based SEO specialists earn a $49,908 salary. Outsourced specialists make, on average, $35,964—valuable savings that businesses can reallocate and strengthen other business goals.


Copywriters draft targeted, well-written content for blogs, press releases, websites and more. Writers allow you to communicate to your target audience and prospective customers effectively.

Businesses can decrease their fixed costs with an outsourced copywriter. The average salary for a US-based copywriter is $67,068, whereas an outsourced writer makes about $29,964.

Reduce Your Payroll Costs By Outsourcing With C9 Staff

By and large, outsourcing offers your business numerous advantages. You can utilize talent from a global candidate network while lowering your overall hiring cost. Nevertheless, taking on a candidate search alone can be time-consuming. To make the most of your outsourcing efforts, partner with an experienced outsourcing staffing firm like C9 Staff.

What makes C9 Staff unique is our end-to-end managed services. C9 Staff oversees each step of the search process, from identifying top talent to managing new hire payroll.

C9 Staff assigns each client a dedicated account strategist to manage your outsourced team. With C9 Staff, you can enhance your business’ success and expand your workforce.

Are you in need of an efficient and affordable outsourcing solution?
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