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For small businesses with few resources, IT operations can be troublesome to manage. They’re incredibly necessary to the day-to-day running of the business, but it isn’t always realistic to devote a ton of resources to them. Fortunately, there’s a solution. Small business IT outsourcing has become commonplace for its ability to save money, as well as relative effectiveness for the money spent on it.

Some critical tasks can be handled by someone else entirely, saving the owner time (and money) for other objectives. These next five operations are some of the costliest IT expenses for small businesses that can be outsourced entirely.

IT Operations and Processes Small Businesses Should Outsource

Cloud Hosting

Hosting is integral to all different kinds of eCommerce businesses and in many other industries besides just selling normal products. Being able to access information from anywhere at any time with the cloud is paramount, and it makes sense to want this feature.

Infrastructure like this can cost a fortune, however, and take time to maintain properly. Outsourcing the hosting of cloud computing services to another company can save a business owner time, headache, and thousands a month in fees and costs.

It’s a prime target for small business IT outsourcing and should be one of the first services to be handled out-of-house by another business.

QA Testing

Quality assurance testing costs a lot and is incredibly integral to a product or service’s success. Only 29% of mobile developers even do any kind of exploratory testing, according to a report by Forrester.

With mobile users hard to please—most apps lose 80–90% of their users within a few days—it stands to reason that quality assurance is one of the barriers to a higher sustainable user base. This applies to companies with focuses inside and outside of the mobile app world.

Small business owners can consider outsourcing this and save themselves a noticeable amount of time and money. Instead of spending time on QA testing, business owners can focus on the core areas of their business by outsourcing this process.

IT Desk Support

IT desk support is another important service to maintain. Things are always needing to be updated, serviced, fixed, or maintained in one way or another. Often, a remote service team can accomplish this a lot better and for a cheaper rate than hiring people and keeping them in-house.

Customer support is one of the most common types of jobs to consider outsourcing. While tech support can be expensive on a per-hour basis from a professional service, it’s still saving money to go this route.

Consider it like having a lawyer on retainer. You might be paying a little bit all the time, but it’s a lot better to have it when you need it than not have it when you don’t. And it’s a lot cheaper than having a lawyer actively billing you—in this example, a huge IT team—when you don’t need it and can’t afford it.

Website Development

Updating and designing your website is yet another integral aspect of running a business that really isn’t optional these days.

There are very few successful websites that don’t have an online presence, and a website is where that starts.

Whenever a business’ website needs new content or has an issue that needs to be corrected, small business IT outsourcing can often cover that need better than a permanent position could, while costing a fraction of what it would otherwise.

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