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Small businesses are in constant need of customer service staff members. Do you need live chat center employees? Or maybe call center agents? Hiring talent in this area can be difficult, especially for small business owners. Finding high-quality customer service agents, like a virtual receptionist or desk services agent, takes lots of time and effort. Fortunately, C9 Staff is here to help.
In this article, we go over the potential challenges small businesses face in hiring talent, the benefits of outsourcing talent, and tips for customer service outsourcing.

Potential Challenges in Hiring Talent

Small businesses frequently struggle to find customer service specialists. It can be expensive, not to mention time-consuming, to recruit talent for your customer support team.


Many small businesses cannot afford traditionally sourced customer service employees. The costs of running a small business add up quickly and can become overwhelming. You might not hire staff with the level of expertise you need because of the high costs. Case in point: the average cost of hiring a customer service representative in the US is $39,533 per year.

Lack of Time

Another potential challenge is a lack of time. Because small business owners are focused on growing their operations, they might not have the time to spend on recruiting customer support agents. Outsourcing talent would be the way to go.

Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing

The best customer service solution for small businesses is hiring talent from a professional outsourcing service provider. Outsourcing provides a multitude of benefits to your business, including the following:

Outsourcing helps save time.

One of the benefits of outsourcing talent is the amount of time you save. You no longer have to create job listings, interview candidates, or perform outreach duties. An outsource staffing service takes care of recruitment, background checks, interviews, contracts, payroll, and more.

It’s affordable.

Acquiring customer service team members through outsourcing is an economical way to build your staff. This is because qualified professionals can be found from around the globe in countries that have lower labor costs. For example, the average yearly salary for customer service reps in India is INR 249,124, which is equivalent to $3,409.34 in the US.

It enables you to access a high-quality talent pool.

An outsourcing provider works diligently to provide you with only the best staff. When outsourcing customer support agents for your small business, you won’t have to worry about vetting candidates. Your outsourcing provider will take care of screening and choosing only the most skilled and experienced workers.

Tips for Outsourcing Customer Service for Small Businesses

Now that you know a little more about outsourcing solutions, let’s highlight some tips for outsourcing customer service staff.

  • Choose an end-to-end offshore outsourcing company. An end-to-end offshore outsourcing company like C9 Staff sources talent from different countries, opening up opportunities to find the most dedicated agents. End-to-end services include all of the steps between sourcing and recruiting talent to risk-free billing and contracts.
  • Evaluate company needs. Before outsourcing talent, it is important to evaluate your business’s needs. Do you need to enhance operational efficiency or are you looking to expand your capacity? How critical is a timeline to your search?
  • Set clear expectations. To ensure you will be provided with the talent you are looking for, set clear expectations for each role. This enables the outsourcing agency to zero in on the right qualifications and skills to fill the positions.

Use these tips when deciding how you are going to outsource talent for your small business.

Grow Your Business with C9 Staff

Save time and money through C9 Staff’s outsourcing services. We assist you through the entire process, from sourcing and recruitment to hiring or scaling to candidate replacement.

We provide full transparency and follow a thorough candidate vetting process to ensure that you find the right professional for your small business. We locate highly skilled talent from countries with more cost-efficient labor rates. This way, you can reallocate your financial resources to activities that improve operations and boost revenue.

Contact us today to simplify your outsourcing process and feel confident along the way.

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