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Outsourcing Data Entry: How to, Benefits & Tips

Data makes the world go round.

According to a data analysis by the International Data Group, 86% of businesses are switching to data-driven projects. This is largely due to data tools that allow for quicker problem solving and predictive analytics.

From enforcing mega social media strategies and analyzing small business sales to gathering data that helps companies make informed decisions and keep an eye on the competition, most business owners would agree that data entry is crucial. That’s why it’s time to stop doing data entry in-house.

Perhaps it’s due to the importance of data that so many companies opt to do data entry in-house. However, as a business owner, you may already be aware of the many benefits of adding freelancers to your team. The same goes for data entry: the benefits of bringing on board a data entry outsourcing company are endless.

Not sure where to begin or what the benefits of data entry outsourcing are? We’ve got you covered with this in-depth compilation of everything you need to know about outsourcing data entry services.

What is Data Outsourcing?

The term “data outsourcing” refers to hiring an external data entry company to be at the helm of your company’s data tracking and tasks.

Data entry outsourcing companies can operate within the same city or country as your business or can be an offshore entity. The beauty of outsourcing a data entry service means you can shop around for high-quality data companies while still sticking to your budget.

C9 Staff, for example, provides companies with staff outsourcing services such as data entry outsourcing from across the globe. This includes the sourcing, interviewing, hiring, and management of outsourced companies, so that you can get back to doing what you do best: running your business.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry

As a business owner, you have plenty on your mind: running your business successfully, managing staff and clients, and generally just keeping everything in order.

In the ever-changing online world of data, you may also feel (understandably) overwhelmed by the thought of data entry, analysis, and management. Where does one begin? How do I know if my in-house team is doing a good job of data entry? We get it, it’s a lot to think about!

So, why not leave it to the professional? Instead of putting the burden of data entry on your company, allow an external professional data entry company to support you in managing your company or business’ data.

Save on Costs

In a global business sphere that is constantly changing, it is crucial to keep your business relevant not just technologically but also financially. By hiring an external company to manage your data entry, you will save on the costs of hiring and onboarding an in-house candidate.

Gain Access to High-Tech Insights

A big plus side of outsourcing data entry is that you do not need to pay for additional tech expenses. These outsourced companies often already have access to the technology they need to complete the job. By outsourcing data entry, you will always have access to the latest data analyzing technology without spending capital on new programs.

Improve Productivity

So much data, so little time. By hiring external data entry support, you will spend less time collecting and analyzing data and more time implementing what you have learned from the data to help your company grow. Your team will have more time to foster client relationships using the information provided by your outsourced team.

Tips for Outsourcing Data Entry

There are a few important elements to consider before outsourcing data entry.

Identify Business Needs

A good starting point is to know what your business needs. Determine which type of data entry support your business requires and use this information when searching for an outsourced company. There’s no need to invest in services that aren’t suited to your business needs.

Consider Security

Data is gold, and you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands. When hiring a company to outsource your data entry, contact their previous clients first and go through testimonials to confirm reliability. Secondly, once a company is handling your business’ data, ensure that there are security procedures and contracts in place to keep your data safe.

Determine Legitimacy

As mentioned above, be sure to contact previous clients to confirm that a data outsourcing company is legitimate. Evaluate their business model and the technology that they use to ensure that their methods are up to date with the most recent data trends.

Find Your Data Entry Solution with C9 Staff

Feeling overwhelmed? Not to worry, that’s where C9 Staff comes in! We assist with staffing needs in a global business climate. Thanks to our offshore outsourcing, we identify expert data entry experts at lower labor costs to allow your business to save money and grow.

Outsourcing simplified is but a click away. We will assist you with sourcing and recruitment to hiring staff and managing candidate replacement — all while keeping you in the loop.

C9 Staff is recognized as one of the Top Data Entry Companies by DesignRush. Contact C9 today for outsourcing solutions that will take your business to the next level!

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