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Outsourcing Email Marketing: How to, Benefits & Tips

In today’s online world, email marketing is a major source of conversions and revenue generation. Staying in contact with current and potential customers about new products and services is essential to growing your business. Your email marketing campaign should be a high priority for your business.

However, finding a qualified team of marketing professionals for this job can be a costly expense, both in time and money. That’s why many businesses have turned to outsourcing services. Outsourcing email marketing can save a company both recruitment time and payroll costs while still receiving the results they desire. Read on to learn more about email marketing outsourcing and why it may be the right move for your business.

What is Email Marketing?

Marketing efforts can include a variety of strategies to achieve a common goal — promoting your business. Email marketing is among one of the most popular marketing strategies. Email marketing revolves around composing emails that promote your business. These may be emails about new products or services, coupons or discount codes, or resources that revolve around your company. There are a few tactics to generating email lists, including asking customers to sign up when they purchase a product or having them opt into emails on your website.

When To Outsource Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a major lead generation tactic, so businesses will want to greatly invest time and effort into this strategy. With such an importance on this strategy, businesses may choose to outsource their email marketing. When deciding whether to outsource, consider the following factors.

Time Management Needs

Your marketing team handles a large number of tasks on a daily basis, and your email marketing campaign may not be a top priority. Since such a high level of effort should be spent on your campaign, it may be time to outsource email marketing to a team that can dedicate the necessary time and resources.

Limited Internal Resources

Similar to needing additional time for creating an outstanding email campaign, you need the resources too. There may be certain software or applications that your team is unable to access in order to make the highest-quality emails possible. Outsourcing email marketing to a team focused on this strategy can grant your business access to these resources.

Email Campaign Maximization

Though your internal marketing team is exceptionally knowledgeable in their field, having an allocated email marketing specialist can maximize your email campaign. If you’re unable to hire one of these specialists in-house, outsourcing email marketing will ensure you have that individual on your team.

Benefits of Outsourcing Email Marketing

In addition to assisting your team with creating an email marketing campaign, there are a few additional benefits to outsourcing email marketing.

Qualified Professionals

Outsourcing email marketing to a specialized team will ensure that your campaign is being created by qualified professionals. It’s likely this outsourced team is certified in email marketing and has all of the tools and software necessary to design an email marketing campaign and drive results.

Focus on Business

With an outsourced email marketing team, your internal team will have more time to focus on other business aspects. Pay-rolled employees can dedicate more time to their primary tasks instead of working to develop an email marketing campaign. You’ll also reduce internal costs, such as on marketing software, that would otherwise be needed without an outsourced team.

Improved Email Deliverability

Having a professional and qualified team of email marketing specialists handling your campaign can increase email delivery efficiency and drive higher results. They’ll understand what to include in each email and when to reach your potential customers for the best results. You can be confident that your email campaign will generate conversions and grow revenue.

Tips for Outsourcing Email Marketing

Consider the following steps when you’re ready to outsource your email marketing to achieve the highest level of service.

Identify Company Weaknesses

Whether these are time-management issues or limited resources, knowing where you need assistance is the first step in finding the right outsourced team. You may be able to work in-house on certain aspects of your email campaign for a reduced cost, meaning you won’t need an outsourced team to handle that task for you. Know where your business’ weaknesses lie and what services you’ll need to outsource before your search begins.

Set Clear Expectations

Have your email marketing goals clearly defined and discuss the typical process your company undergoes when handling marketing. By setting clear expectations, you can ensure that your outsourced email marketing team is prepared for the task at hand and drives the results you’re hoping to achieve.

Find Qualified Candidates

Using an outsourcing service provider is a key method of finding the most qualified candidates for your email marketing needs. These providers can connect you with certified professionals who are readily equipped to work with your marketing team and assist your company.

Find Your Next Email Marketing Team With C9 Staff

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