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Outsourcing Lead Generation: How to, Benefits & Tips

As businesses adapt to stay ahead of a competitive market, the need for more advanced lead generation is arising. However, businesses may not have the time or resources needed to focus on their lead generation. Many have turned to outsourced lead generation services to attract potential clients and convert them into customers.

The decision to outsource lead generation services depends on a business’ needs. A business may be launching a new product, would like to offer their in-house marketing team more support, or lack the resources to train and hire an in-house lead generation team.

Knowing your business’ marketing and sales needs will help identify your lead generation needs, as well as the time it would take to generate new sales. From here, you’ll be able to understand what outsourced lead generation services you are in need of. Keep reading to learn more about lead generation and how your business can benefit from outsourcing this service.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of attracting prospective clients to your business and increasing their interest in your products or services. The ultimate goal of this process is to convert these potential buyers into paying and returning clients.

Lead generation marketing strategies may include extensive client research and technological integration. Many businesses turn to tactics such as social media campaigns, weekly email lists, and engaging blog posts to increase lead generation.

When to Outsource Lead Generation

From a lack of resources to a need for growth, there are a variety of reasons why businesses should consider outsourcing lead generation.

Lack of Resources

Businesses, no matter the size, don’t always have the financial capacity to hire a full-time team of experts. Through outsourcing, your business can still get the expert strategies you require at the reduced cost of not having to pay or train permanent employees.

Launching New Product or Service

When your business launches a new product or service, your team may only want to focus on sales briefly. This is the ideal time to make use of outsourced lead generators as they will only work during the launch and contribute towards the launch’s success.


Time is money! If your business does not have the time and resources to onboard and train new hires, outsourcing lead generation may be the best choice. Your business can save both time and money by outsourcing expert lead generators.

Access to Expert Knowledge

It is crucial to stay on top of sales trends, especially in an ever-changing digital environment. By making use of an external team of lead generation experts, your business will automatically have access to the latest sales trends and technology.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Lead Generation

Outsourcing lead generation allows businesses to cut costs, focus on sales, and support their in-house marketing team. There are also many other benefits to outsourcing a lead generation service, including:

Reduce Costs

More and more businesses are outsourcing, and it usually comes down to cost. Hiring a permanent team of employees takes time and money without the guarantee that these teams will be successful.

Whereas with an outsourced lead generation team, your business can bring the team on board only when you need them, such as when launching a new product. Furthermore, these outsourced teams are highly skilled and able to convert more sales, resulting in more value for money.

Support In-House Marketing Team

Perhaps your business already has an in-house marketing team, but they are struggling to convert potential buyers into paying customers. This is often seen when a marketing team (or even just one person) is in charge of too many marketing responsibilities, such as social media management and graphic design.

Bringing in an expert in the lead generation field, even if just for the period of launching a new product, can drastically improve your business’s chances of converting more sales.

Focus on Conversions

The number one priority of your lead generation team should be to convert customers, right? Yet, most businesses struggle to reach the 10% conversion rate benchmark that many industries have set.

The bottom line? Your current team is not able to focus on a business’s main priority: converting leads into customers. Outsourcing this process enables a business to prioritize the sales funnel and likely make more sales.

Find New Clients Fast

Thanks to an outsourced group of expert lead generators, a business will have fast access to new generation techniques and likely more clients within a short time frame.

Chances are a team of lead generation experts already has a tried and tested recipe that works for landing new clients, giving your business access to new clients fast.

Test New Strategies

Investing in new marketing strategies can be expensive, especially if businesses don’t have a 100% guarantee that these will work.

A common tactic for businesses is to outsource lead generators, test a new strategy, and see if it works before bringing the new game plan in-house. During this process, it is essential to have a trustworthy and skilled group to outsource, especially to ensure that they are well-equipped to test these new tactics.

Tips to Outsourcing Lead Generation

When it comes to outsourcing lead generation, there are a few helpful tips and tricks that can help you find a team that matches your business needs.

Identify Business’ Needs

What type of conversions is your business hoping to make? Are these conversions service-related or product-related? Knowing exactly which solutions your business needs will help identify the group of experts to bring on boards.

Know Your Budget

Clients often want to know how much it costs to outsource lead generators. The chances are that a group of experts will be able to work within your specific budget, so make sure you know what that budget is before approaching potential partners.

Research Teams

There are plenty of outsourcing companies that are ready to assist you. Spend some time speaking with these companies to learn what services they can offer and how their outsourced teams may be the best fit. Share your budget and needs with these companies so they fully understand what type of lead generation team and services you are seeking.

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