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Development of any kind can be expensive. The average salary of a web developer is around $73,760 a year. It makes sense to outsource this kind of work if only to save a little bit of money.

Maybe you don’t need a full-time web developer, or you only have a small amount of work that you need on a consistent basis. Whatever your reasons are, here are five critical questions you should ask to vet an outsource web development company before you ever hire them.

Questions To Ask A Web Dev Outsourcing Company

Have You Worked In My Industry/Developed Similar Websites?

You’re looking to outsource web development for experience and effective work. Asking for experience is probably one of the top questions in any kind of interview.

So, it makes sense to ask a web development outsourcing firm about their experience finding staff within the industry. You want to know if they have the necessary industry knowledge needed when building outsourced web development teams.

You should not only ask if they’ve worked in your industry before but also request to see specific examples and past projects similar to the kind of vision you have for your site. The key to your company’s success is a team that is on the same page as you are.

What Is Your Research Process Like?

Did you know that around 52% of consumers will change brands if a company doesn’t personalize communications? By and large, most consumers want to feel as if they’re more than a number. This should be reflected throughout every level of your web development. You don’t just want to advertise to fantasy fans if you sell fantasy books, for example.

You want to open up a real dialogue between you and your customers because it shows they matter to you, and you’re offering something of real value. You understand them. Because of this, you want to make sure you hire someone who understands the research and what needs to be done to pick the right people for the job. Essentially, this question is asking how an outsourcing firm vets the candidates it sees to ensure you receive the best.

How Long Will the Project Take?

Project creep is a real thing: almost 50% of all larger organizations experience scope creep.

This can be best described as a project expanding without real consideration of time, resources invested, money spent, and more. Asking this of an outsource web development company is essential. You could even look at case studies of past clients if you want to get a better read on just how well the company sticks to its deadlines.

How Much Do You Charge?

This question, of course, was coming. Price is one of the most important aspects of outsourcing, after all. What’s the point of using website development outsourcing if you’re not saving money?

Listen to their quote, compare it against your budget, and think about it. Can you afford it? Is it worth the price? These are some questions you need to ask yourself. The best outsourcing solution should be affordable without sacrificing quality talent.

How Do You Monitor the Quality of Work For an Outsourced Team?

This question asks how your website development outsourcing company intends to oversee the work of your outsourced staff. You need to know that a company’s quality assurance is thorough. How do they monitor the work your outsourced team puts together for you?

This question gives you some insight into the outsourcing firm’s process once a team has been hired. It is also beneficial to ask similar questions about how an outsourcing firm monitors your team’s progress. For example, you can ask about the access you’ll have to your team and their progress. Can you remain in direct contact with your team?

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