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How To Start A Profitable Call Center Business

Whether you’re looking to expand an existing enterprise or branch out into a new field of commerce, starting a call center may be just the way to achieve your goals. Call centers are an excellent resource for companies that receive a high level of inbound calls or need to invest in a larger outreach for their growing business. Improve your customer service and watch your company thrive with a call center.

Not sure how to start a call center? Read on to learn more about how to open a call center business that can help you reach your goals.

What is a Call Center Business?

A call center is a centralized hub comprising of a team of agents making or receiving calls on behalf of a company. They handle responsibilities such as inbound and outbound calls from new and existing clients, telemarketing, market research, resolving customer queries or complaints, and overall interaction with consumers.

A growing company may require the services of a call center business that would be dedicated to liaising with their clients, thus freeing up sales staff to concentrate on their own tasks.

How to Start a Call Center Business

Prior to any business start-up, a great deal of work must be done regarding the viability of the enterprise becoming and remaining successful. Various factors should be taken into account, such as location, competitors, and necessity. Once you’ve established these needs, you can begin to start your call center business by following the steps outlined below.

Do Your Research

Before starting your call center business, you’ll want to partake in thorough research. This will include collecting information on potential issues such as:

  • Equipment overheads. When conducting an analysis on how to open a call center, the initial cost of buying the necessary equipment and furniture will be the biggest capital outlay.
  • Staff wages. Taking international time zones into account means that a staff contingent would be working shifts over a 24/7 period in order to accommodate clients in other countries. Consider how payment will work for these employees and how wages will affect company growth.
  • Cost of call rates. Deciding on call rates per staff hour worked or per call made will impact cash flow in either busy or quieter periods.
  • Social media and website marketing. When considering a call center startup, take into account whether the call center should engage on two or three relevant social media platforms that can be maintained easily, rather than a scattered approach on sites that would be less likely to attract business. When you’re ready to set up your website, ensure the required domain name is purchased prior to advertising the site.

Once you’ve completed your research and compiled all the information you’ll need, you can begin defining your objectives and figure out just how to start a call center.

Determine Your Sector

If an agent is able to employ call center personnel with experience in specific industries such as engineering, medical, or automotive, they would be able to target these and charge higher rates than a client who runs a less technical business. Determining the industry your call center will focus on is the first step in breaking into the market.

Set Goals

No business will be successful without a clearly defined business plan with specific goals.
These could include:

  • Financial targets
  • Customer base
  • Growth plans
  • Target market
  • Niche clients

Take some time to clearly plan out your goals and implement systems that will achieve them.

Offshore Outsourcing

If the call center is run from an offshore location, this can potentially save on payroll costs and other overheads. In this situation, a third party would be appointed to hire staff and arrange the use of equipment.

If investing in a physical building seems like a risky choice, it’s also possible to start a call center from home using cloud technology. Your staff would have the opportunity to work online or within small local groups. Outsourcing staff in this instance is much easier since work can be done from anywhere.

Invest in the Right Tools

Knowing how to start a call center means having the knowledge of what tools are right for your business. This can include having up-to-date software and equipment running on a fully reliable fiber ISP. Backup equipment such as a generator may also be necessary if regular power outages are the norm. It may pay to use cloud-based computing that always runs the most recent software version as well as maintains regular backup procedures.

Let C9 Staff Help Your Business Grow

For an example of how to start a profitable call center business, look no further than C9 Staff. Our trained team specializes in offshore outsourcing of call center support in various sectors, including financial services, information technology, engineering, healthcare, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you lead your call center and achieve success.

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