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How to Hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines

As your company continues to grow, you may find yourself with a schedule that’s only getting busier. You want to shift your focus on the core of your business, but you’ll need the right help to do it. That’s where a skilled virtual assistant comes in.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a virtual assistant (VA). Not only can you focus on the primary functions of your business, but you can also improve your efficiency.

While the idea of domestic outsourcing for your VA is tempting, there are challenges to keep in mind. According to a recent survey, over 60% of US companies report a shortage of domestic talent as a major challenge when hiring. Instead, you can broaden the scope of your talent search by offshoring your VA position. There are numerous low-cost labor markets across the globe to consider during your search. One great place to hire a virtual assistant is one of the top outsourcing hubs: the Philippines.

This article covers the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines, types of VAs, and more.

What To Know When Hiring A Virtual Assistant In The Philippines

Benefits Of Hiring A Virtual Assistant From The Philippines

In addition to the overall benefits of hiring a VA, offshoring the position presents unique advantages.

One benefit to hiring a virtual assistant in the Philippines is lower payroll costs. The Philippines is a low-cost labor market. The cost of hiring a VA in the Philippines is less than hiring local talent due to a lower cost of living.

Another advantage to hiring a VA in the Philippines is talent. Specifically, the talent pool in the Philippines is ripe with uniquely skilled candidates. With ten times as many higher education institutions as neighboring countries, there are many educated professionals in the Philippines. This makes finding and hiring a VA with a particular skill set easier to achieve.

Types Of Virtual Assistants To Hire In The Philippines

Before you start your search for a VA, you should decide what kind of VA you need. This can help to streamline your search.

There are various specializations for virtual assistants—from VAs that specialize in administration to real estate virtual assistants. Finding a virtual assistant that focuses on your niche is a crucial part of growing your business.

In addition to the specialization of your VA, consider what skills they need to succeed. To determine these skills, look at the VAs responsibilities. Will they be in charge of various administrative or office tasks? Or will they play a role in the customer support service of your business?

Once you know more about your ideal virtual assistant, create a candidate profile that includes desired skills, specializations and more. This candidate profile will guide you as you examine potential new hires.

How To Hire A Virtual Assistant In The Philippines With C9 Staff

Ready to start your search for a skilled virtual assistant in the Philippines? There are several ways you can hire a virtual assistant.

One method is to use freelance platforms or job boards. While this can be a useful way to find new talent, there are challenges to hiring this way. Generally, hiring a VA through a freelance platform is time-consuming. After all, you’re posting the position and conducting the hiring process on your own. Plus, you’ll have to handle processes like onboarding and HR paperwork, which can be confusing if you’ve never hired abroad.

The best way to hire a VA in the Philippines while saving time and money is by partnering with C9 Staff. At C9 Staff, we utilize our expertise to create a personalized outsourcing experience that exceeds your expectations. Clients that partner with us gain access to talent pools in six top labor markets, including the Philippines.

C9 Staff supports your hiring process with end-to-end managed services. Our team handles every process, from the candidate search to handling HR paperwork and new employee benefits. C9 Staff clients also benefit from an account strategist. The strategist oversees your new hires as they start their first day in your company. In addition, your account strategist manages your team and can provide time tracking, productivity and other reports upon request.

By partnering with C9 Staff, you’ll benefit from a streamlined outsourcing experience that supports your company’s growth.

Are you looking for a skilled virtual assistant in the Philippines?
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