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Outsourcing Development: Hire a Front-End Developer in 2022

To remain ahead in a competitive field, a business must have a professional website, which is why a front-end developer who is highly-skilled in both designing and programming a website is crucial.

The need to outsource a front-end developer or group of developers may be due to time-frame, budget, and skill set requirements. Developing businesses, especially new ones, may not be able to afford a full-time team of web developers. Even if a business can afford to hire a front-end developer permanently, it makes more financial sense to outsource this task when needed.

What Is a Front-End Developer?

A front-end developer has the important task of planning and building a usable website through web technologies (also known as “languages”), such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and DOM.

Furthermore, a front-end developer must ensure that a website runs as smoothly as possible, that the site is user-friendly, and they must be able to make any necessary changes or updates to the site.

Front-end developers must also be able to undertake the following tasks:

  • Code testing
  • Website security
  • Project management
  • Web development
  • Soft skills, such as the ability to work enthusiastically within a team, are also important.

Outsourced technical support services can assist in meeting these needs.

When To Outsource a Front-End Developer

Businesses turn to outsourced front-end developers for multiple reasons:


Outsourcing front-end developers is a cost-saving method with multiple benefits:

  • Reduces costs of in-house benefits and training
  • Lessens taxes
  • Streamlines recruitment process

By outsourcing front-end developers, businesses also reduce in-house costs and possible issues such as employee unions.

Thus, outsourcing a front-end developer is highly recommended for a business looking to cut costs.

New Businesses

When starting a new venture, businesses likely need a website to be built from scratch, which is costly and time consuming. By outsourcing this task, business owners do not have to spend time on recruitment and training, and the task will be completed in a timely manner.

High Demand

Once a business is up and running, growth is the ideal goal, but if not managed correctly, it can spiral into unmet demands and a loss in revenue. It is, therefore, suggested to anticipate growth and outsource web development solutions to assist with increased workforce needs. By outsourcing these requirements, a business can focus on efficiency without the additional workload and financial stress of updating and testing websites.

Time Management

Even if not working on a new venture or time-sensitive task, high demand within a business may result in employees taking on more roles and responsibilities. To improve the management and workload of employees, outsourcing time consuming tasks such as front-end development can allow in-house teams to manage high-priority tasks instead. This will not only improve workflow efforts, but also result in a happier working environment.

Benefits of Outsourcing a Front-End Developer

By outsourcing a front-end developer, businesses are immediately looking at improved time management and cost efficiency. Outsourcing this role also holds many other benefits:

Smooth Operating Systems

As a financially focussed business, a working website (at all times) is crucial. By outsourcing an experienced front-end developer, a business can ensure that all website-related issues are dealt with in a timely manner, while still continuing with other important tasks.

Pro Industry Knowledge

In an ever-changing world of website technologies, businesses can prevent the workflow disruptions and costs associated with training in-house teams on the latest website trends. By outsourcing a top front-end developer, they automatically have access to the latest industry knowledge.

Solutions to Existing Business Problems

Outsourcing a front-end developer frees up time used on identifying technical website issues. A knowledgeable developer will assist in troubleshooting and solving website-related issues, to ensure that a business can focus on other important tasks.

Furthermore, outsourced developers already have the necessary tools and equipment to ensure a workable and budget-friendly workflow, allowing other employees to concentrate on their individual tasks.

Tips for Outsourcing a Front-End Developer

To ensure that they bring on board the right fit for their business needs, businesses can take the following steps when deciding on an outsourced front-end developer:

Identify Front-End Needs

The first step in finding the right front-end developer is to identify a business’ specific website needs. A business may only need a basic website and specific solutions, in which case it may only be necessary to hire one person. For more complex solutions, they may need to hire a team of developers.

In short, it is to a business’ advantage to only pay for what they need. They can do this by clearly identifying their business needs before the hiring process.

Create a Manual

As outsourced teams are not part of a business’ in-house teams, permanent staff may have to spend time briefing new external hires.

To streamline this often timely process, businesses can create a manual with all their website needs, log-in details, coding languages and branding themes. Even if this task is done with the outsourced hire, it can prevent confusion and time spent on explaining task details.

Seek Credible Resources

Finding the right outsourced solution is often a timely process, especially when a business has no referrals for a specific developer and needs to conduct interviews with multiple people.

The time and costs attributed to this lengthy process can be prevented by using an outsourcing company, who already has access to a wide variety of highly-skilled and vetted front-end developers. The company will also likely take over the recruitment hiring and even payment process, which allows business owners to focus on other important tasks.

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